Hello there, I’m Miquel Malet, the man behind this business and blog

I’m absolutely perfect, I have no fears, no insecurities, and I never made any mistakes in life —just kidding, maybe one or two. I’ve been interested in personal growth since I have use of memory and I started coaching professionally in 2019. I also worked as a video editor for one of the most respected marketing companies in the internet space, ThriveThemes.com, from 2014 to 2021; right after getting a degree in audiovisual communication.

Even though I’ve been interested in personal growth since I was a kid I didn’t know such thing existed until my late teens. When I was ninteen I started attending workshops, seminars and doing different kinds of therapies. I was voraciously curious about spirituality, the mind, and learning to do life better. I hit a turning point when I discovered coaching through hiring one and learing about Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler. They presented me self-development from the perspective of creating future instead of healing the past which was what I mostly learned up to that point. Even though my first and second coaches were a bit crap, it was clear that this profession can make a huge difference both in mine and other people’s lives.

I was flabbergasted to realize how out of place most of the self-development offer of courses and coaching was around me. Most people were and still are stuck thinking that in order to be happy they need to process an endless amount of negative emotions and feelings. Nowhere you’re taught things such as how in order to have good friends or partners you start by being one; instead, it’s all about you and your very important feelings. Most people are unconsciously using self-development to pump up their ego and fill their heads with new theories and spiritual garbage instead of genuinely transforming themselves and their lives. I saw true self-development is, among many other things, about becoming a more service-oriented person instead of just thinking about me, me, me and me all day long. This doesn’t mean becoming a doormat, it’s having both other people and yourself in consideration.

This is why the profession of coaching gives me purpose; what I do brings real and tangible results to people and it’s not a waste of their time, like many of the things that I did. I also felt very helpless for most of my short life and helping people get out of places similar to where I was feels super rewarding. I just can’t stop learning about this profession and improving my skills, serving people is too much fun. I got certified as a coach with Optimize.me (now Heroic.us) in 2019 but I base my practice in what I learned throughout the years about service, prosperity, leadership, and common sense. I don’t follow specific structures when I coach, what I do is taylor-made for each client. I also see my development as a coach as a permanent journey; I’m always learning something, new or old, to keep improving.