I am Miquel Malet, the man behind this business and blog. I’m absolutely perfect, I have no fears, no insecurities, and I never made any mistakes in life —just kidding, maybe one or two. I’ve been interested in personal growth since I have use of memory and I started coaching professionally in 2019. I also worked as a video editor for one of the most respected marketing companies in the internet space, ThriveThemes.com, from 2014 to 2021; right after getting a degree in audiovisual communication.

I’ve been interested in personal growth since I can remember even though I didn’t know such thing existed until my late teens. I got certified as a coach with Optimize.me in 2019 but I base my practice in what I learned throughout the years about service, prosperity, leadership, and common sense. I don’t follow specific structures when I coach, what I do is taylor-made for each client. I’ve invested more than 20,000€ in my development as a coach and human being.