Coaching is not something to read about,
it’s something to experience

Since coaching is different for every person and you’ve probably already taken a look at my homepage, there’s not much more to add. However, you might be asking yourself why is it different for every person. I’m glad you asked. That is because my job is to help you get closer to what you want, not selling you systems, one-size-fits-all plans of action, or blowing your socks off with mind-blowing insights. The focus is on what you want. Can you imagine a tailor who tries to impress you with the quality of his fabrics instead of taking measures of your body? No matter how good the fabrics are, if the suit doesn’t fit you, you won’t buy it.

I offer one or multiple 90 min. sessions for free so that you can experience what coaching does for you firsthand instead of just reading about it. During our time together we will talk about whatever you want to create in your life, it can be anything. Relationships, work, your most secret and wildest dreams, inner peace… You name it. You’ll get closer to your goals through our conversations. You might be going through a tough time and you just need someone to listen compassionately; that’s one of my favorites. One session might give you just the clarity you needed or a life-changing insight could emerge, it depends on what you want and the level of open-mindedness you bring to the table. I might invite you to explore working together after the first free session, the second, the third… Who knows. As I said, it’s different for every person. I might not make a proposal at all, you might get what you need with just one free session. Perhaps you’ll like it so much that you’ll ask me how we can work together right away. We’ll see.

ARE YOU READY TO 10X YOUR LIFE???!!!!! Just kidding, shoot me an email at telling me a little bit about what’s going on in your life, your timezone, and your availability.

Miquel Malet