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I love to sit down with a person and learn about her dreams. They don't need to be world-changing, just something he or she really wants is a lot of fun to turn into possibility. Other times we might talk about their profession, their energy levels or a realtionship that needs work. All in all, it's fun because as the sessions go by the client grows as a person and discovers new possibilites in life. 

I might give advice and recommendations here and there when I coach but what's most important is that I show them that their identity is the driving force of their lives. Anyone can create a new identity for themselves to become who they want to be, no personality is set in stone... Did I say this is a lot of fun yet?

Here's a testimonial to show you I'm extra legit:

I had been thinking about coaching for a while when I met Miquel, and I'm so happy that we started coaching sessions. Miquel is really listening and he gives me different perspectives to my thoughts. It helps me to look different at things, which gives me space to grow personally and in my work and social life.

Dorieke Van Manen

What is it that I do, exactly?

My life and bussines coaching is tailor-made for each person, I don't offer a specific system to follow. This means that when I speak with a client we look at what would help him create what they want; every client is different and there's not a one-size-fits-all approach in the way I work. At times this will entail the creation of a new identity, I'll spend most of a session just listening, or helping a client better understand a specific area of his or her life. 

Hi, I'm Miquel Malet

Life and Business Coach

I've spent most of my life with an "I can't" buzzing inside my head. Still pops up from time to time. For most of my life I felt invisible and destined for a future of mediocrity and sadness. Yet that future doesn't seem to be arriving anytime soon and I'm happy to have become the kind of person I am. Fear is pretty much gone from my life, I love hard work, I don't need willpower to sustain habits, I learn faster than most people, I have great selling skills, and I have a level of responsability that is almost scary. All because since my late teens I was open to learn and see life and myself differently.

I am currently (mid-2022) learning about the Three Principles Understanding to improve my vitality and be less distrustful.

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